One thing that many FNAF fans can agree on is that Sister Location had some of the most memorable lines and best voice acting in the entire gaming series. Some of the lines from Sister Location became iconic, and most of these quotes come from HandUnit, the robotic guide that assists you throughout the game. Andy Field, a popular voice actor, is the man behind HandUnit that made all of these lines come to life and added character to the entire game.

In order to get the role as HandUnit for Sister Location, Andy explains that he had to audition on a website that was specifically seeking out voice actors. “121 of us auditioned; it was only one line. I did about three reads of it, some robotic, some more human. And I got it!” he tells me.

As for the process of getting the lines recorded and in the game, Andy had to rehearse his lines from a studio. “I went over the scripts a couple of times just to make sure I didn’t stumble on any of the phrases,” he states. After the lines were finished and recorded, they were sent to and uploaded by Scott Cawthon, the developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Andy believes that Sister Location is a very different game from the rest of the FNAF series for multiple reasons. Some of these include the voice acting, the ability of movement, but his reasoning goes a bit deeper than that as well. “But I think best of all is that by now, in game number 5 (or 6), Scott has gotten really good at articulating what really scares us and hits it from many different angles. And the characters behind the animatronics are more compelling.”

HandUnit’s most famous line from the entire game is “Exotic Butters.” This phrase became a widely-known meme, and added so much more to the game. Andy’s response to this line’s fame is, “I didn’t know it was famous. Just kidding; I love it! It never gets old!” However, his all-time favorite line from his character is, “Let’s try another controlled shock.”

When it comes to his favorite character in Sister Location, he jokingly replied with, “I really, really like that little yellow computer guy. I can’t remember his name, but he’s hilarious. That ‘Exotic Butters’ thing really got me.”

In general, Andy Field’s favorite types of voices to do are military/soldier forces, considering he had been a soldier for 28 years. “It’s easy to pull that language out of my memory,” he describes. His personal least favorite is teen voices, but he also says that he may, “need more training in that area.”

We will be able to see Andy in an upcoming game called Nelo where he has a smaller role in. As well as that, he is narrating lines for commercial study guides for law school students. It will be exciting to hear what Andy does with his voice next.

Andy’s charm and charisma is what made the role of HandUnit so memorable and loved by Sister Location fans. He has a voice and a way about him that is tough to beat, and allows him to stand out from the rest. Without Andy voicing HandUnit, Sister Location would have not been the same.