Terminal 00 is a cryptic website on the internet that has been speculated and analyzed in almost every aspect. Even the genre of the website has been debated at some point or another. To better understand this website and its goal, I spoke with Angus Nicneven, writer and creator of Terminal 00, to get an insight into this website.

The initial date in which Angus linked Terminal 00 onto his Facebook page was March 17th, 2015. This website came from the idea that he needed on official page as an author. However, he states that, “I never exactly liked cookie cutter templates even though I have no coding experience at all.” Fauux’s website was one of the first pages Angus stumbled upon when deciding to “break from the mold” and make something completely new and original. “I first thought that maybe I too could break away after seeing that,” he explains.

When it comes to the art style, Fauux’s website had quite a bit of influence on Terminal 00. “I took the first bits of code and the color scheme straight from fauux’s website since I liked the scheme so much. And, also, I didn’t really know how code worked even at that basic level so I needed somewhere to start with.” Angus took the inspiration from Fauux’s site and made it his own from there. “The Sol onset page is a direct throwback to the image he uses on his about me page, though it’s a different sort of thing.”

After taking the initial inspiration from Fauux’s page, the art design was mostly influenced by the story being written by Angus. This is now what he considers his biggest inspiration for the site’s theme, although Fauux’s ideas are where Angus got his “humble start.”


Terminal 00’s website title is something that many have wondered about. Why is it named that, and where did it come from? Angus tells us that, “Terminal 00 was just made up. A first I thought 00 would be a cool way of saying ‘This is the start.’” Instead of listing how many terminals there are in the site, he shortened it to make the title easier.

It is confirmed by Angus that there is, in fact, a story going on within the site itself. Although he has been a writer and coding is something he only recently started, he explains that, “It was just a thing to do in between editing of the novel, so I got carried away.” After adding more and more, Angus decided it would be best if Terminal 00 was bigger than simply hosting a site for his book. “I thought that perhaps another reason for there being this book in our world/ the site being strange would make it all come together in a better way. So the two share a common thread, though you can probably understand why I’d rather not throw out all of the answers straight once I’ve put so much into the writing already.”

The last step was to see when the day of completion will come for Terminal 00. Angus responded with, “That’s another good question. It’s one so great that I never ask it to myself.” He continues by saying, “It will never be completed. It’s not something that can be completed, nor should it.” Angus believes that there should always be “pieces left to rot” within Terminal 00. However, there has to be a sort of conclusion at some point within the website. “I have to say, it isn’t outlandish to say that it’ll reach its conclusion without being complete,” he said.

Terminal 00 is a site for all of the strange, mysterious, and unexplained. However, it seems that one day all of it will come to a resolution. Angus is a genius when it comes to creating an experience that is like no other, one that can twist your mind. Although not many questions have been answered by this point, we can still appreciate the effort behind this one-of-a-kind website experience and watch where it takes off from here.