Sara is Missing is a simulation horror game available on and the app store that follows the story of finding a missing girl through her cell phone. The writing and dialogue is a huge part of the game, so learning more about the writers and the way it was made would give us lots more insight into the creation of Sara is Missing. I spoke with Derek M., a writer for Sara is Missing, to discover more about the style and concept of this game.

Derek reveals that the main goal of his writing style for Sara is Missing was to “tell a story.” The idea that came into mind when creating Sara is Missing was to touch on the subject of “the horrors of mobile technology.” He explains, “We were toying with the idea of privacy invasion, as most of our private moments and conversations are on the mobile phone today. We store so much information about ourselves on our mobile devices that deducing what we are really like in real life. So what if you were given the chance to look through another person’s phone? Let alone a missing person’s phone.”

As for the responsibility between the writers with creating Sara is Missing, there was a shared amount of work with each of them. Each writer took the role of characters and role-played amongst themselves. “We knew our characters and how we wanted them to be,” Derek says. “This game is very much a passion project for me. The best moments were everything fits and makes sense.” However, this game did seem to have its own set of challenges in the development process. Writing the entire storyline and developing the content for the game was the biggest challenge for everyone, according to Derek. Along the way, they did learn lots more about game development and design. “It wasn’t easy, but it paid off,” Derek states.

Sara is Missing has become a viral game and has been played by popular Youtubers such as Markiplier. According to Derek, him and the development team truly did not expect for the game to blow up as big as it did. He says that, “We started with an interesting concept and then it evolved from there. We just wanted to make a game that has a mystery and horror theme because we love that genre and we love spooking people out.”

This is a game that started off small, but quickly became popular and loved by the entire gaming community. Along with sending a message to players regarding technology, it is also entertaining and horrifying all at the same time. This has seemed to be a passionate project for the entire development team, and the hard work certainly shows within the game itself.