Today, a new and important piece of news was announced by SEGA regarding Archie Comic’s ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ comic books. As of now, the partnership between SEGA and Archie Comics is being ended. However, it does not seem like this will be the closing of all Sonic the Hedgehog comics all-together.

A post on Facebook from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic page announced, “After 24 years of memorable storytelling, SEGA of America will conclude their Sonic the Hedgehog publishing partnership program with Archie Comics. This does not mark the end of Sonic in comics, but signifies SEGA of America’s decision to take a different direction for the series that will be announced at a later date. SEGA would like to thank Sonic’s amazing fans for their loyalty and passion over all the years. SEGA looks forward to providing more information soon.”

This decision gives me plenty of mixed emotions. The older Sonic the Hedgehog comics were my favorites, but over the years, the plot seemed to be become rather redundant, driving me away from the reading the series as often. When I finally decide to return to the comic series, the Post Super-Genesis Wave had taken place and everything had seemed to change for the worse. The plot was now completely different and many decent side characters had been essentially scrapped. This is the point in which I knew things would not be going back.

The announcement does give me hope that things could change for the better. SEGA might take the comics back to their core roots. My only worry, and the reason why I have mixed feelings about this “new direction,” is the product of Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom took the series in a new direction, and one that I and many others were not particularly a fan of. I am hoping that the new direction will be geared towards something more classic and simple. Although we may not get back some scrapped or forgotten characters, perhaps this could be the start of something new and much better.