Narcosis a deep-sea themed horror/adventure game on Steam that has a style of its own. From the day of its release, the horror theme made it stand out from the rest. It has had great reviews since the first day of release, and its current review on Steam is “Very Positive.” However, it has been viewed from players that this game has had some stiff competition with other deep-sea styled adventure games, such as Subnautica. I spoke with David Chen, a writer for Narcosis, to find out the secrets behind what makes Narcosis such a special game.

David feels that Narcosis truly does not have competition, because each deep-sea themed game has elements on their own. “Unlike most horror games- or even games in general- the game doesn’t feature any sort of supernatural elements,” he explains. “It’s a survival game, but in the traditional sense of the phrase; in Narcosis, you’re not juggling multiple goals at any one time. There’s a single goal from start to finish: keep breathing, and get to the surface.”

To go along with this, David states that, “Narcosis is about mortality, not morality: good and evil are pretty superficial concepts, when you’re stranded at the bottom of the sea.” His final statement on the topic is, “Players do encounter some pretty outlandish moments along the way, but these are simply the products of an over-stressed and terrified mind.”

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David believes a strong atmospheric vibe was crucial for Narcosis. “With Narcosis, we did everything to make the player feel the intensity and gravity of the situation, and of being trapped in a tiny metal shell beneath all the cold, hard intensity of the ocean.” Although Narcosis has been categorized as a horror game, the developers wanted it to evoke more emotions than just fear.

As a whole, David’s personal favorite part of the game is the ending, the finished product. He enjoyed seeing all of the aspects tied together to create such a wonderful and memorable experience. “I’ve seen a lot of streams and let’s plays of the game, and seeing the genuine look of shock and sorrow on so many player’s faces is rewarding- in a sort of sadistic way.” It seems the Narcosis has the exact impact on the players that the developers were looking for.

Narcosis is a game that stands out on its own from the rest. It leaves quite an impact and positive impression on the player, and is an emotional experience for all. Honor Code Inc. worked very hard to make this game the best it could possibly be, and it is safe to say that all of that hard work paid off in the end.