Five Nights at Freddy’s third anniversary was a few days ago, and to celebrate this, Scott Cawthon (the developer of FNAF) has released many teaser images revealing the process of creating and designing these animatronic characters. Some of the characters included in these images are Springtrap, Bonnie, and even the Exotic Butters. Some minor characters from Sister Location were also included in these images revealed by Scott Cawthon. All of the images can be seen here.

Another image was included that stood out from the rest. There was a black image with the Freddy Fazbear plush from FNAF 4 which celebrated the anniversary of Five Nights at Freddy’s. It was different from the other teaser images that were shown to us, so it stuck out in my mind from the rest.

I believe this was a wonderful way to celebrate the third anniversary of FNAF. This game has paved the way in the horror genre of gaming for so many other titles to come after it and follow its format. It is a game that has held its own for years and is original compared to the previously released games in the horror genre. Whether you love or hate FNAF, I believe we can all agree that it has brought something completely new and fresh to the table in the horror genre of gaming.

Personally, I love when Scott Cawthon shows us behind-the-scenes work of Five Nights at Freddy’s. He did the same for FNAF’s second anniversary as well. I feel it gives us a better perspective of the characters and all of the hard work that went into designing them. I applaud Scott for all of the hard work he has done for the horror gaming community.

It is unknown at the time whether we will ever see another Five Nights at Freddy’s title come to life. At the moment, Scott has stated that he is not working on FNAF 6 anymore. However, we cannot predict whether FNAF will make a comeback or not in the near future. There will be a movie and perhaps another book in the future, that is for sure. All we can do right now is celebrate and give Scott time and space to work his gaming magic and come up with something for all of us to enjoy.